7 why’s

Climate and Geography

Portugal has an enviable mild climate, with over 220 days of sunshine per year. It also has a unique and renowned light.

Lisbon is the European capital with more hours of sunshine per year (3,300 hours and an average of 100 rainy days per year).

Portugal’s geography is diverse, distinct and complementary: snowy mountains, sunny beaches, plains, islands with subtropical climate, etc.

Multicultural Diversity

Portugal is a country where more than 2000 years of history and diverse cultural influences mingle with modern trends and lifestyles, creating contrasts of high interest.

Portugal has a friendly, convenient, safe, and hospitable environment and an acclaimed secular tradition of tolerance and multicultural diversity with influences from all over the world.


Portugal as a rich and diverse street environment: trendy contemporary, traditional Mediterranean, classic European and, in some specific contexts, a sense of “Africa in Europe”.

It also has a rich architectural and urban diversity where the invaluable heritage and authenticity of culture intersect with the latest contemporary trends.

Cost of Living

In Portugal the cost of living is one of the lowest in Europe. Very competitive prices where the cost/benefit analysis is a strong argument.

Portuguese cities are among the European cities that offer the most competitive prices for accommodation, food and transportation due to the high quality of the rendered service.

Safety and Security

A study conducted by a polling group (European Union and the United Nations UNICRI agency) has found that Lisbon is the safest capital in the Europe.

Overall, Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world with a very low crime rate. But with a high rate of crimes of passion. Yes, we’re serious about relationships…


Portugal is culinary excellence.

Portuguese restaurants offer unbeatable standards of quality / price both in hospitality and gastronomic diversity.

Human Resources

Portugal has highly qualified and competitive human resources with an average hourly labour cost about half of the European Union average.

Portugal at a glance.

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